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A few word from our Presidents

Symphony Board President
MaryAnne Jordan

Dear Friends of the Symphony,

Another exciting Symphony Season is coming and we look forward with anticipation to the selections that Maestro Lohss and the Music Committee have chosen for this year. 

As you may or may not know, sometimes a choice of music depends on the cost and availability of the music selected. We all like to hear pieces from Broadway hits and themes of films that we remember and love. The cost of the music, however, may be prohibitive. It is not unusual for one copy of a piece of music under copyright law to cost several hundred dollars. Multiply that times 40 + musicians and the score for the conductor and you run into thousands of dollars for one song. 

Most of the music the Symphony Orchestra plays comes from free libraries or other sources that do not require large payments. While we would like to present the show tunes and pop pieces that people like to hear, we cannot justify using a large amount of our budget on music alone. 

In the meantime, remember that many of the beautiful melodies we hear come from composers from the 18th and 19th centuries, think of Debussy’s Clair de Lune, Handel’s Messiah, wonderful composers like Mozart, Mendelssohn and Ravel, and Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite! When we walk out of the theatre and are humming the melodies we just heard we know that the right ones have been selected. 

We thank you, our patrons, for coming to the Symphony to hear all kinds of wonderful music. We will continue to bring our best to you. 



MaryAnne Jordan

President, Board of Directors


Symphony League President
Maye L. Liebeck

The Solano Symphony League volunteers welcome you to another season of orchestral music that can raise our spirits and be a delight for all ages! 

The raffle baskets at each concert are sponsored by the League and specially planned and prepared for our.symphony attendees --- all proceeds from League Raffles go .to the Solano Symphony Orchestra.


We welcome your support! 

Maye L. Liebeck

Symphony League


Board of Directors


Music Director and Conductor:  Semyon Lohss

President:  MaryAnne Jordan

Treasurer:  Judi Booe

Secretary:  Dorothy Bench
Vice President/Fund Raising: Judy Knight

Vice President/Music:  Richard Hales

Vice President/Operations:  Ted Kolda

Vice President/Publicity:  Gayl Sloan Davis


Directors: Pat Broschard
                    Lou Broschard

                    Lisa Gill
                    Marilyn Killian

         Melinda Packer
         Carl Hakenen



Ex-Officio Members:  Kathleen LaPlante

        Mary Eichbauer
        Michelle Moody

        Kathy Parsons


Legal Consultation:  Wayne A. Knight


Past Presidents:  Debbie Hayward, 1998-2013

Ray Schoch, 1997-1998

Judy Knight, 1994-1997

Bob Chan, 1991-1994

Scott Sheldon, 1988-1991

Tom Clark, 1987-1988

League Officers


President:  Maye Liebeck

Vice President:  Dorothy Bench

2nd Vice President:  JoAnne Rhodes

Secretary:  Dorothy Bench, Acting

Treasurer:  Caroline Elvrum


Active Members:  Buff Fleming

 Dale Garrett

 Norma Garrett

 Beth George

 Kate Hitchcock

 Judy Knight


Sustaining Members:  Terryl Buntrock

          Audrey Schoch