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Music shapes us and fills our lives from the lullaby in the cradle, to the alphabet song we learned in kindergarten, and the teen years when exasperated parents told us to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME. We travel different roads in life's journey, but hearing a single melody or a phrase of a lovely composition can take us back, triggering memories of important times in our lives. Keeping the music alive is an investment in the future as well as a link to the past.

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Help make a difference in Solano County's cultural life by promoting our Symphony to the local community, merchants and patrons of the arts. Several board and committee

positions are currently available. 

Contact Ted Kolda for more information at




The support of corporations, business professionals and members of the community is crucial to maintaining the quality of our Symphony! Your generosity keeps the music flowing. All contributions are tax deductible as Solano Symphony Orchestra is a 501c 3 non-profit organization.  Contributors receive recognition in season programs and on this website.

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Start shopping in Solano Symphony's Amazon Smiles portal. It's simple. Just click on the button below to be taken to the portal and click the "Start Shopping" button. Every purchase you make will benefit our symphony. 

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"The mission of the Solano Symphony Orchestra is to entertain and enrich the lives of our diverse audiences by contributing to the cultural and economic vitality of our communities."

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